The cost of being on time

Erica T

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Late to work again. A struggling college student doing everything in her hands trying to make ends meet. Last night was a dreadful, lengthy night bombarded with studying for exams, finishing up discussion boards, applying for scholarships as she has just been accepted into Stetson University. A girl with a bright future ahead of her and to the world, a dedicated bright young lady who is able to conquer anything put in her path. About 3 hours of sleep and enough coffee to keep her awake for years the bright young lady rushes out of the door with her books, laptop, keys, phone and wallet in her hand. Dashing to the full-time job that she cannot lose because it dictates her chances of being able to continue her career as a law student, she skips almost every stop sign thinking in her mind, “there are no cars I don’t really need to stop here”. While driving also texting her boss letting him know she will be running a couple of minutes late and also texting her parents that she is all good, “just a little stressed” because they have not heard from her in a couple of days. “Just a little stressed” as she feels the world is crumbling on top of her but getting to work on time is the most important dilemma on her mind right now. Of course, as she left in a rush she disregarded putting on her seatbelt and “did not have” enough time to adjust her mirrors. Speeding the whole way there she is soon to arrive and does not pay any mind to the red light she is about to ignore. She wakes up in the hospital with no recollection of her day and how she ended up laying on a hospital bed. The doctors and family pour in as she has finally awoken; the young lady who was able to conquer anything who arrived to the hospital a couple of hours before unconscious and had her whole life hanging by a thread, she was awake. She felt nothing but piercing throbbing pain that surrounded her body; aching all over she groans loudly in pain. A doctor breaks the unbarring news to her that she has suffered extreme damage to her left shoulder and has some cracked ribs and will need to be hospitalized for about two months including therapy. Stetson, her dream school, everything she has worked for had led up to her acceptance and now she will not be able to begin her semester on time; because of reckless driving, because she ignored how being able to live another day was more important than getting to work 5 minutes late. In the larger scheme of life it is important to always be aware of what reckless driving can do to impact your future and your life and the life of others. If you begin to speed, place your mind to the moment and reevaluate the situation and be aware that in any moment your life can change from one second the other because you are not being cautious of your actions. We cannot always be positive of our plan for life is and where we will end up tomorrow but can always place ourselves in the safest situations as possible. It is better to be late, than to not arrive at all because of reckless driving. Please, I ask all of those who read this to please drive safe, no texting while driving and always make sure you are in the best condition to drive.