Stop the reckless driving!

Jordynn S

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The impact of driving recklessly The impact that driving recklessly puts on the driver, and the people around them is far more important than people make it seem. It puts many of people in danger, including yourself. My aunt died from someone hitting her while driving recklessly. One of the main causes of someone driving recklessly is from distractions. There are many of distractions that can throw drivers off, but one the main ones is the cellphone. While you are driving, and you hear the phone go off, you are dying to respond to whoever just texted you. The second you look down to see who it was, that could be the very moment that you ruin your life and/or someone else’s. Another distraction could be food, or music. Trying to eat while driving, or dancing uncontrollably could turn into a serious problem. Yes, there are ways that you can control yourself, but in my opinion while you are driving you need to be focused on getting to where you need to go, nowhere else. Also if you are in the car with a friend you should establish some rules. One of the main rules should be no horseplay, and you should make sure that you both always have your seatbelts on. A silly little game could turn into someone seriously injured. Overall we teenagers should take driving extremely serious, and get mature while we are driving.