Her Life, Worth More Than a Text Message

Hannah L

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She was beautiful. She was kind. Her life was gone in a blink of an eye. We mourn of the text that was sent, Which took her life on that Sunday night. On her drive home from work, Her phone dinged, And she looked. Reaching for her phone, She drove off the road. Of in to the ditch she went, With her cellphone in her hand, Opened on the text. The car rolled and rolled, Down the hill it flipped. Before the ambulance arrived, She was pronounced dead. Her life was taken, All because she looked at the message, Which could have waited. Was her life not worth more, Than picking up milk at the grocery store? Well, you see, That is what the text message read. “Pick up milk on your way home.” She could have pulled over. She could have left it alone. But because she reached for the phone, She no longer has her life. No text message is worth more than you. Please drive safe, And do not give in to the distractions.