The Last Call

scout-anna H


She was three years old It was dark and cold She was three years old No longer bold He was only eight Holding on with all is might He was only eight Now awaiting his fate They cry out to dad This could end bad They cry out to dad They are very sad It was one phone call Could this end it all It was only a phone call He thought it was so small Is that a cop? What about the shop? Is that a cop? Taking off the top? This can’t be true What about their dog rue? This can’t be true What are we supposed to do? Here comes the doctor Followed by a proctor Here comes the doctor I’m not a big talker This must be a dream I want to scream This must be a dream Please be a scheme No longer alive The family of five No longer alive They could not drive Take it from me This is no place to be Take it from me It was only a tree All the family wanted was a fun day out Distracted driving ended with a shout There was no time to pout That phone call ended their life no doubt.


In this poem a family of five gets into an accident it focuses mainly on the dad, eight year old son, and three year old daughter. This is told from the neighbors point of view who called the dad. If the dad would not have looked at his phone in that split second he would not have veered off the road and hit a tree. In the end they are no longer a family of five.