Monitors the drivers’ eyes

Julian B

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Distracted and reckless driving is an unfortunately widespread plague that affects thousands of people every day. Whether it’s a young teen involved in an accident because they were texting their friend, or a pedestrian almost being hit by a car because the driver was trying to eat their lunch, distracted driving is everywhere and it involves almost anything. The only way to prohibit this dangerous activity is by getting people to focus on the wheel, and less on their phone. However, there needs to be a way to enforce this. And while many interest groups, associations, and other solution-finding people try to fix this menace, it seems nearly impossible to put an end to reckless driving. However, I believe that with time, distracted driving can be stopped, or at least minimized. This can be done through the use of technology within the car. My proposed solution is to enable a device within the car that monitors the drivers’ eyes. The device would ideally be inside the dashboard, or somewhere near the driver. When the driver looks away from the windshield or the sideview mirrors, for more than 2 seconds, a warning sound would alert the driver of their distraction. To enforce it, the vehicle would automatically start to slow down as well, as to avoid any incidents. This mechanism would only activate if the vehicle was in motion, so it would not activate if the car was in park, in reverse, or at a stop. I believe this solution can slowly begin the decline of distracted and reckless driving. My ideal version of the device would be a mechanism that could be easily installed in all types of vehicles. This would allow older vehicles to be able to be able to handle the device. I understand that this is wishful, but I believe that the great minds behind the easy-to-use features such as GPS, automated driving, and more, could find a way to make this solution possible. This eye tracking system could help to end distracted driving once and for all. With eye monitoring systems within the car, and a feature that slows the vehicle when the driver is not paying attention, it will help the driver fall into a habit of not looking elsewhere than the windshield. I believe this can help the thousands of people affected by distracted driving become a mere few, and then, zero.