Hands On

Hope F

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You reach your hand to pick up your phone, which fell onto the floor of your car. With it, your eyes go off the road. What else does? Your car. Your body. Into the ditch. Into oblivion. You know your friends have been texting in the group chat. You just want to look for a second to see what they’re saying. You take your hand off the wheel for a second to grab your phone and look away. That second is all it takes to get in an accident that can take your life along with innocent citizens. Whether it is eating food, refreshing makeup, or texting, many distractions start with taking the hands off the wheel. It is very unlikely for a person with both hands firmly on the wheel to be distracted. Therefore, I propose an idea for a product that keeps a person’s hands on the wheel. There should be a steering wheel cover that beeps at the driver if it senses that the driver no longer has two hands on the wheel. It nearly every car, the windshield and turn signals are easily accessible when keeping both hands on the wheel. The only instance when a driver should need to take a hand off the wheel is to put the car in park, and this would signal that the person is done driving anyway. This wouldn’t work for manual transmission, but the rates of distraction among these drivers tend to be much lower because it is more difficult to drive a stick, so there is lower need for a developmental product. Overall, this product would protect all groups of drivers, but especially young drivers, who have a tendency to take their hands of the wheel.