Evelyn S

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You just love the freedom driving brings, don’t you? You love hearing the sound the car makes when it starts, and feeling a small, rush of excitement knowing that you are in control and can drive wherever you want. The feeling is just electric, no matter how many times you get into the car the thrill of it never seems to go away. You always make sure your phone is near you, though. Sometimes it’s in the cup holder, other times your back pocket; you like to hear your notifications after all. Occasionally you put it in the center console, just in case you get into an accident, or in your bag away from you, but that is only when you aren’t feeling lazy. Today your phone is in the cup holder, you’re expecting a text from your friend about where you are going to meet up, and another from one of your parents about dinner tonight. You back out of your driveway safely, it feels nice being alone in the car and having your thoughts all to yourself. You drive down your street and into more traffic on the main roads. There is a lot more traffic than you anticipated and it is going to take longer than expected to meet your friends. Ten, fifteen, twenty minutes’ pass by and you still are so close to home. Your phone starts go off with notifications from your friends; you feel terrible keeping them waiting. Luckily there is a red light coming up so you’ll stop and check your phone then. As you get closer to it, your body is flung forward and slams into the steering wheel. Your windshield shatters and glass is everywhere; you hit the car in front of you. All of a sudden you are flung again as a car hits you from behind. You can feel your head bleeding and your world turning dark. You should’ve put your phone in the center console. You begin to cry.