“It Can Wait”

Chelsea S

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Why is it important to take the “It Can Wait” pledge to drive distraction free? There are so many reasons why not only student drivers like myself, but all drivers should take the pledge this year. Taking a pledge such as this may seem so simple, but a pledge like this one just may save you, a loved one, a friend, or anyone’s life. Imagine this, you’re in the car with a few of your friends on your way to the group’s yearly ice skating trip. It is a casual Saturday afternoon when your best friend, the driver, hears her phone go off. She picks up the phone out of a force of habit that many of us have these days, and boom! It happens! In the matter of a few seconds your best friend took her eyes off the road to read a text message. Within a blink of an eye you look up to see an oncoming car, and before your friend can get back in her lane, you hit “head on”. You black out and then slowly regain consciousness with a laceration on your head and blood all over yourself. You look beside you to see your best friend unconscious and not breathing. The one friend in the back seat is slumped over her seatbelt not breathing, and the other is crying and also is bleeding from multiple injuries. As you sit there, you hear sirens in the distance, and you pray everyone and everything is going to be okay. The emergency personnel arrive on scene and work to get everyone out. They check your friends’ pulse, and you ask if they’re okay. They don’t answer and tell you they’re going to be taking you in the STAT 11 to Milton Hershey. They get you and your other conscious friend out and stable on stretchers, but then you see it: two white sheets draped over your two best friends. You break down at the sight, and before you know it, you’re in the air wishing you would have answered the phone for them. You wouldn’t have lost two amazing people in your life. This is something I never want to experience in my lifetime. Seventy five percent of teens say texting and driving is common among their friends in a 2012 AT&T survey on www.idrivesafely.com . It also states that seventy eight percent of teens say that if asked not to text and drive by someone, they won’t. I ask all those who read this article to join the pledge among the 34,370,649 people and still growing at www.itcanwait.com. Make the choice that just might save a life, even yours.