Going Places

Dylan M

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He drives down the road in the middle of the night. It is dark, and he turns on his brights as he does so. As he drives, his cell phone lays on the passenger seat. He glances at it, then moves his eyes back to the road. He looks just in time, and makes a quick swerve on a turn. Close call. He resolves to be more careful. He continues driving, navigating the dirt road that leads to his neighborhood. He keeps himself focused as it starts to rain. As he does this, he turns on his windshield wipers. He hits the blinker as he turns into his neighborhood and begins to speed up as he nears home. His phone goes off, starting to ring. He ignores it on the first ring, further increasing his speed. A second ring sounds. He looks at it for a moment, then turns his focus away. The phone rings for a third time. He pauses, then turns and grabs it. As he starts to look up he hits a bump in the dirt and swerves to one side. He drops the phone and tries to grab the wheel, but he cannot regain control as the car races into a ditch. He slams forward into the wheel, breaking his neck. As his head lolls to one side, his last sight is the phone, laying on the ground next to him.