After The Accident

Aljaii H

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It didn’t feel real, not yet at least. All of them were still processing the aftermath before them. The father couldn’t move – could’nt look away. The mother’s eyes overflowed with tears as she covered her young daughter’s eyes. The daughter was wondering what had her mother in tears, and what had her father paralyzed in fear. She moved the mother’s hand from her face, and gazed upon the scene before her. Two cars. Both stopped in the middle of the road with one car seemed to have collided into the driver of the other. The daughter was a bit confused. One of the driver’s came out of the car, injured, but alive. Why would her parents be so upset? That’s when her eyes fell upon the car that got hit. The car was very familiar to her. It looked like her big sister’s car. The driver had the same dirty blonde hair as her too. She soon realized it was her sister! But why wasn’t she moving? Why didn’t she get out the car like the other driver? The police and ambulance arrived and blocked the road. Then without thinking the young girl ran to her sister’s car. The parents yelled for her to come back, but the sirens of the police cars overpowered their voices. She made her way to the car and made her way to the driver side. The girl stopped as she noticed the front half of the car had been completely crushed. She knew something like that could really injure somebody or worse… Hesitating a bit, the girl open the driver’s door, and saw her sister. She smiled when she saw her face, but that smile quickly faded when took a closer look. Her sister’s eyes were open, face had small shards of glass on it, her head bled and stained her hair, her arms lacked movement as well as her entire body. Then the young girl noticed her sister’s phone in her hand. Everything started to make sense. Unfortunately, her sister got distracted by her phone. The phone was off and the screen was cracked. Horrified at the sight of her dead sister, the young girl scream and cried. She wondered why it had to be her to get hit, why did she have to die, and why was it worth it to be on her phone while driving..