Angela S

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Your eyes are flicking between the road and your phone, and with a smile on our face, you press the gas just a little harder, thinking you know it’s safe. After a couple of miles, it’s your turn to reply, and that text just can’t wait, so stare down, and start to type. You get about half way through, thinking it’s fine, when something hits you so suddenly and just the impact makes you cry. Tears are running down your face as you try to comprehend what’s happened, but the car hasn’t even stopped moving yet. You know they sounded their horn, but you didn’t hear it. You’ve skid off the road and you begin to feel sharp pains, but everything is starting to blur into a haze. You hear sirens on their way as the world fades away. You don’t quite know what happened, but you can figure out why. You were distracted, and wanted to reply. You thought you were invincible, and you thought you’d be fine – but now you’re paralyzed. Now this is about texting, but there are so many causes. You may be angry, or tired, but the point is: you aren’t aware. You don’t really see your surroundings, and you’re not driving with care. But there is a solution, one that we can all see through. Put away your phone, and put aside your emotions. Sleep before you drive, and we can all go home safely. Not just one of us needs to do this, we all have to make the choice, for just one distracted driver can be the difference between life and death. This is the life we all have, and we should make the most of it. Being distracted behind the wheel can take all of it away.