Phone Interlock

Sabrina S

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I have fallen victim to looking at my phone while driving. That is true. I have sent texts and read posts even though I know it isn’t safe. On my own I began to force myself to not look at my phone. It has been a weird relief. Everyone always wants to know what is happening right away but for me it has been nice not knowing right away what is happening. It lets me calm down and think before I have to say something right away. I still fall prey to seeing what notifications have popped up on my phone. I believe that a good solution would be for all vehicles to start having a dock that the driver must put their phone in. It would be similar to an ignition interlock. The car doesn’t start until the phone is in the dock and when the car is on the driver is unable to grab their phone and read things. Most new cars today have a Bluetooth system in the car that allows them to connect their phone and take calls. Seeing as many would think taking calls would be a problem with the phone interlock it really wouldn’t be seeing as the car already has Bluetooth. A big part of the problem is that people are way to connected to their phones to even think about setting it down for just a minute. Even when they are driving a car that can kill the others around them. I believe that this could be a solution to reckless driving.