dont drive, its bad.

hailey y

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Let’s go over the cliff together, Holding hands, laughing. It’s over for us… Except for Death. You picked that awful blouse At Penny’s…never approved Of your taste… You knew it. Laughed each time I made A face… You looked good in anything. You knew it. You smiled in memory… Weren’t they good Weren’t they happy… The long hours of work. I don’t want to remember. Went to your house one day. You were talking funny, Walking funny. ‘Oh, I just feel bad.’ You liar! You damned liar! We were Thelma and Louise. You named us that…I had the Convertible. You…no Time. Let us go, hand in hand, into The horizon. Always the West. You always knew Sunsets Always become Sunrises. Let’s go over the cliff together. You always wanted to see God. You’ll not be seeing Him For the first time. God saw you…and kept you. Goodbye, my friend.