Safe driving!

Nianza D

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Wreckless and distracted driving has caused multiple fatalities in this worl. Most of these accidents are caused by people driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or even texting and driving. This is not only putting their own lives in danger but of all the people who they will encounter. In order to prevent or lessen wreckless and distracted driving there should be programs which teach drivers the safe way of conducting a vehicle. The best way to make them obtain this training could be with the process of obtaining a drivers licence and yearly checks to those who have their licence already. By having routine checks people will be safer in te sense of seeing if the person is still able to drive safely. This could be concised as a stricter process of obtaining a drivers licence and possibly creating a stricter policy on youger people. It would be best to keep people under 21 or 25 on routine checks since that’s around the time a person finishes developing their brain. Therefore, less accidents would occur in our society.