Don’t Drink and Drive Your Life Away

Jennah M



A man’s best friend doesn’t understand why, He’s never coming home again, I’m sober enough to drive, I can handle the ride, Stared at her phone down the road, She was on her way, To marry her fiancé! Oooo! The light dies! The light fades away! So much more you’re breaking! Don’t Text! Don’t drink and drive your life away! Ooooo! When you text\Drink and drive it’s not just your life your affecting. A man’s best friend (dog) will never understand why his owner is never coming home again. (She was on her way to marry her fiancé) is a heart shattering line. We can be the change. One person at a time can lead to all people. It all starts with me! AND YOU! Because every life matters! Only love <3 Jennah