Death to New Life

Maria S


I run out the door, Down to the street, Watching the pavement slide by, Right under my feet. I dive for the car, And scramble inside, Then slam my car, Right into drive. I don’t buckle in, But is that a sin? An emergency at the brink, I’ll be fine, don’t you think? My hand on the wheel, My foot to the gas, I speed down the road, Looking for somewhere to pass. A text pops up, I look down, And that’s when I hear, The most terrible sound. A screeching, A crying, A screaming, A dying. A beep from the floor, A text on the screen. “The baby is here!” “She looks so serene.”


This short poem is about a mother hurrying on her way to the hospital for the birth of her grandchild. On the way she practices unsafe driving habits, and parishes. Personally, I have not lost a loved one to distracted driving so far in my life. I have many nieces and nephews through my older siblings, and if something went wrong, this could very easily become the story about how my mother lost her life. I hope this poem speaks to people to show the tragedies that can occur from distracted driving.