The Statistics

Emilie L

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Every single day, 11 teenagers die from texting and driving accidents. Distracted driving holds one of the biggest issues in today’s society, with 5% of teens being killed by other teens in car crashes and 25% of motor vehicle crashes coming from texting while driving. Being sleepy while driving, texting while driving, eating or drinking, anything that lowers your attention, that is considered distracted driving. Even if you are paying attention, if you take your mind off the road, that’s distracted driving. Stop that. Stop thinking about other things while driving. Save it until you get off the road. Because you can end up as a statistic. No one wants to be part of the bigger statistics, proving to more and more people that distracted driving is not something you should do. Don’t become part of the statistics, put your phone down, turn it off, and put it somewhere you won’t see it. Keep your eyes of the road, and get enough sleep. Statistics don’t lie. And they say that you have a high chance of getting into a car accident unless you are careful. So don’t think you’ll get lucky, the odds are not in your favor. And the statistics won’t lie to you.