Look Out

Aiyana B

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Is picking up the text worth it? NO. Is trying to change a tune on your phone worth it? NO. Is taking a selfie to post on snapchat, twitter, or Instagram worth it? NO. Is putting your family through that constant questioning of what was going on with you that they didn’t see, but not being able to have them answered because you’re 6 feet in the ground worth it? NO. Is having to put them through a depressed state because of a ding from your phone worth it? NO. Is saying goodbye to all you have accomplished in life worth it? NO. Is your family and the safety of others families important? YES. Is being there for you family through the other loses worth it? YES. Not a single text ding, phone ring, or even change in the tune of your phone worth your life or anyone’s around you. Our goal in this world is to keep our people safe and protect what’s ours not destroy it over some phone that’ll be there when we get to our destination. LET’S MAKE A CHANGE AND STOP TEXTING & DRIVING!!!!!