Reckless Teen Driving and Ways to Fix It

Logan G

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I am Logan Gottshall and I am fighting for safer roads for myself and others. There are a lot of accidents from irresponsible drivers and many of these drivers are teenagers. Car accidents are actually the number one leading cause in death for teenagers. To begin I have a personal story to show the dangers of reckless teen driving. I was 14 years old and my cousin had just turned 16. He had gotten his license about three weeks before the accident happened. It happened as we were on our way home from the movie theater, it was me and my other cousin in the back, with one of his friends up front in the passenger seat. I heard my cousin say “watch this” and he accelerated very quickly to the point where I looked on his dashboard and the speedometer read 110 mph. I was scared and told him to slow down but he couldn’t hear me through his loud music. The next thing I knew I saw a turn that I knew we were not going to make. It happened in slow motion, the car going off of the road, the sound of everyone in the car gasping, and finally the collision. We ended up hitting six trees. Luckily, I was the only one who sustained any injuries, which were a major concussion, and 5 stitches in my elbow. Many things could have made that dreadful night never happen. My cousin could not say sorry enough times, but we all knew this horrible night could have been prevented. My cousin was not educated enough on the dangers of operating a motorized vehicle, and more than that doing so irresponsibly. When people first get their license, they feel free and they want to almost go against what their parents say because it makes them feel rebellious. This is where parents need to sit down with their kids and explain to them the dangers. They can go even furthermore into putting a tracker or a speed detector in the teenagers car to track how fast or how reckless they are driving. Another reason that teenagers feel the need to drive reckless is the way society portrays reckless driving. In my songs, TV shows, and movies people are seen or heard driving fast and reckless. It is made to seem “cool”, but in reality it is putting teenagers at risk. The final reason that I believe teenagers drive recklessly or distracted, is to show off. Teenagers think it is cool to live life on the edge and they want to show this through the way they drive. People drive fast because they believe it is a good way to gain respect from their friends. They think that texting that person while they are driving will really show that person just how much they care about them, if they are putting them over the safety of themselves. This is another area where parents need to be vigilant on giving their children the knowledge on how to drive responsibly. Overall, the issue with teen accidents is a very big problem in today’s world. There are solutions that parents and teenagers must be willing to take in order to keep them, and the rest of the people on the road safe.