Kathryn J

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Imagine, for a moment, that you are on your way back from the hospital where you just had your first kid with the love of your life. Imagine the joy and hope that the future holds for you and your family. Imagine the look in your loved one’s eyes as they cradle their newborn child in their arms. BANG! And it’s all gone. All your hope, your joy, is taken from you in a split second and you are left helpless. Everything that you had worked and dreamed for was all gone. All the pain and heartbreak was completely unnecessary and easily preventable. If only the other driver hadn’t been on their phone, if only they hadn’t been speeding down the road, if only… Approximately 4,000 teens die from distracted driving car crashes every year, that means that 4,000 people needlessly died because someone couldn’t wait to check their phone or write back their friend. As teens we are supposed to have our whole lives ahead of us, we are supposed to be making the great leap into exciting adult life, but all that is ruthlessly stripped from the victims of these crashes. We take life for granted and we think that it will never happen to us, but it does. Every day, well-meaning teenagers become unintentional killers when they choose to speed or test and drive. Can anyone feel safe when people recklessly disregard not only their own lives but the lives of innocents?