And by my Distractions, I have Taken a Life

Cortney Q

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My eyes darted back and forth. Road, phone, road, phone, road, phone. Oops! Darn, that autocorr… If I had just put down the phone, where could I be? Out in the pasture or climbing a tree? Riding a bike or watching tv? But instead, I am lying down for the rest of eternity. Eyes closed, hands crossed, I’m in my best Sunday dress. The casket creaks, my mother’s eyes leak, but my dad looks away reminiscing on better days. Ring ring. Ring ring. Ring ring. I glance at my phone in the passenger seat. It’s Alicia! I reach over to grab my phone only looking down for a split second, but it was a split second too long. I wonder what would have happened if I let my phone ring? The little boy stopped to tie his shoe could still be here if it wasn’t for me. His mother could have saved her tears for another day, his father could have watched him play, but because I decided to drive distracted, the little boy couldn’t stay. I pondered on my weekend plans. What would I wear? When should I plan to be there? I stared straight ahead, unaware of the things around me. Dazed and thinking, I ran a stop sign. A stop sign noticeable to a driver unoccupied. I wonder who will miss that man? I wonder what his life had planned? Was he working hard to become a doctor? Or was he the coach for little league soccer? Either way, I ended a life. Either way, I have caused strife because I drove distracted. As a responsible driver, I pushed all my distractions away. And for that simple act, we all live another day. I go climb the tree so high looking out upon the wonderful gifts of life. The little boy tying his shoelace stands up and skips along, singing his beloved childhood songs. The man returns home, logs onto his computer, and works at getting his business degree. Then at six o’clock, he takes his two sons to soccer practice. A few minutes or an hour or two of focus will not kill you. In fact, focusing on the task at hand will prevent anything from a minor collision to a more serious consequence: death. If you struggle with distractions, try putting your phone in the glove box, solve any disputes or unsettled business before stepping foot inside your vehicle, and focus on where you need to be and how to get there.