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When we are driving we are headed to another place. But you get a text on your phone, so you take your eyes off the road. Why? Don’t you know what could happen once you take your eyes off the road? You could crash. You could miss a red light. There so much more but you can stop this by doing these things. 1) Put your phone on Airplane mood once you get in. Don’t start your car until you do. This will keep you from looking at your texts while you are driving. 2) Put your phone on Do Not Disturb. Why, because this will bring down the many distractions you get from your phone. 3) Turn your phone all the way off. If your mom or dads call, tell them you turn your phone off while driving so you won’t get on it while behind the wheel. 4) If your car had Bluetooth turn it off on your phone and car because those can also get you into and a car wreck. All these ways can help you stay off your phone and pay attention to the road and others around you that is also driving.