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Abigail B

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For the past two years, I have been so fortunate to be apart of SMASH. SMASH stands for students making a safer highway. We conduct two programs every school year, a winter and spring program. We come up with programs to inform the students in our school. We discuss four pillars. They are distracted driving, impaired driving, seat belt safety, and speeding. Throughout the SMASH program, I have done multiple programs to inform our students about our four pillars. I have brought in speakers to talk about their experience of drunk drivers. I have decorated the students lockers with magnets that say “Stay Alive, Don’t Text and Drive”. The Winter of 2017, I conducted an assembly in our school. I set up a Christmas tree and had everyone sign an ornament pleading that they won’t text and drive. Last year we completed a mock crash to simulate the dangers of drinking and driving. That time of the year is when drinking and driving becomes a problem because it is prom time. My smash partners and I always try to do our best to inform our students how dangerous it is to drink after prom and drive. Our school has each student sign a paper promising they will not drink and drive after prom that gets signed off by our school resource officer. Driving intoxicated is no laughing matter. I want to teach each student at Bloomfield High School this to save their lives. But why keep these strategies to only my school and/or schools in Trumbull county? These are simple yet effective strategies that many other students can conduct to prevent distracted driving! The risk of crash doubles with one passengers under 21 years of age. Drinking, texting, eating, etc! They are all distractions while driving that are common for drivers under the age of 21. There are ways to prevent them! I hope someday all schools will have a program like SMASH and encourage students to not drive distracted.