Stay Alive-Dont Distractedly Drive

Elizabeth C

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We hear it all the time, don’t distractedly drive. Our parents always tell us, your text can wait, get your head on straight But what we don’t hear are the other distractions that can interfere. Your music is blasting so loud you can hardly hear what your friends are saying to you from the rear. Your running late and you think “better shoot them a text” You don’t want to find out what happens next. Next thing you know you’re in the opposite lane, with a big rig coming at you, coming to bring you pain, you squeeze your eyes shut, Hoping to end up with just some minor cuts. You open your eyes and you’re in your room Your heart beating fast, you thought you met your doom. You swear to your self that you won’t distractedly drive, You now see that it really isn’t worth your life. The text can wait, It’s better late. Turn the music down, It really doesn’t have to be so loud. Pay attention to the road, The story being told isn’t as important as growing old. The choice is all yours, It’s always up to you. Decide to save your life, And don’t take others too. It’s not an accident when you’re aware of the pain that you can cause, Take a step back and press pause. You know its not worth it, so don’t even try. Moral of the story, don’t distractedly drive.