Too Late

Nabila A

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We grew up on assemblies telling us to drive safely. We didn’t care, we didn’t listen properly. We were responsible, we wouldn’t risk our lives for a text. Little did we know that we would be next. That midsummer night still feels like a dream, When we got in a car and drove off to the city scene. One hand on the steering wheel and the other with a phone, I wish the consequences was what I would have known. Instead, all that filled my head was the sign that read “Speed Limit 55,” And how I would beat it with my car going at 105. With my foot on the gas pedal, I accelerated, Just a few more seconds and we’d be flying, I calculated. Speed; the only word I knew, Speed; the only truth I knew. BOOM, I lost control. BOOM, we crashed into the overpass pole. BOOM, we hit a car. BOOM, the speed didn’t get us very far. Everything hurts. I stretch out my arm towards you, but everything hurts. If only the words “I was just a kid” could come and save me, But now your ghost follows me. Everywhere I look, everything I see, A reminder of you sitting in the passenger seat. You were there next to me… lifeless. I prayed to God, but it was worthless. You were already gone, my best friend. Didn’t think this was how our night would end. I wished for the speed to take me over once again, But this was the tragic consequence. Left with nothing but broken bones And “A beautiful life cut too short” written on a headstone.