How to Prevent Reckless Driving

Cheyenne K

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It started at the age of 10 when my dad gave me lectures on why you shouldn’t text while driving. Almost everyday I would hear him giving me this lecture I understood like I knew I would never do it but it just got annoying to me. Then I started growing up realizing that he’s just trying to keep his own daughter safe. When I did driver’s ed online you had a section where you would have to learn about the dangers of driving usually like drunk driving, texting while driving and fatigue. We had to watch videos on the victims stories of what caused the crash and the aftermath. Seeing these made my heart break but it also gave me a good idea to use common sense on the road and not do anything dangerous while driving because not only are you putting your own life in danger but you are putting other people’s life in danger as well. No text or consumption of alcohol is worth losing your life along with the other victim’s life. Every teen is excited about getting their license, it’s a big part of your life and shows you are on the way of becoming an adult but remember driving your own car is a big responsibility, there’s no training wheels anymore it’s a four wheel vehicle that you need to learn a lot about, you need to take your own responsibility and if you get a consequence while driving your own car you need to accept what is going to be given to you whether it’s a ticket, needed to go to court or even have jail time.