Drive Through Life

Julia H


You cannot just simply drive through life, Driving is a privilege, not a right. Millions of teens are behind the wheel, Operating weapons of metal and steel. Their minds are eager and ready to learn, From the notifications that pop up on their phones. So excited by what appears on the screen, They forget for a moment they are controlling machines. Lost in the world of glitz and glam, Keeping up with friends or the Kardashian Fam. With their eyes, downcasted and their focus gone, They fail to see the truck coming head-on. One second of distraction is all it takes, For a human to make a fatal mistake. In a blink of an eye, life’s breath is gone, For you and for others, it will not carry on. The next time you step foot in the car, Put on your seatbelt though it might not be far. Silence the phone and survey the scene, Know your whereabouts and put away the screen. Your life is much more than a foolhardy gaffe, That tragically ends with an untimely epitaph. Remember the strangers whose lives you cross each day, Don’t be the One who takes it all away.


My poem was inspired by my everyday life and experience as a teenager. The first thing I learned about driving was to pay attention to others on the road. To look at their expressions. My dad always said this will relate if that person is engaged or distracted. Too often I see people talking on the phone, eating, jamming out to music, or busy talking to the person in the front seat. Their focus is elsewhere. Everyone is guilty of becoming distracted. It’s so tempting to multi-task as a driver. But what’s worse is we continue to fall into those bad habits as nothing happens the first hundred times. It is just that one time where everything goes wrong. It seems every week, in the news, there is a story about a reckless teen driver who was killed. Teens between the ages of 15-19 crash more than any other age group. I wrote this poem in order to bring awareness to this issue, but also to remind myself not to fall into the traps of becoming a distracted driver.