Distracted Driving and A Solution

Jaden M

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As far as I know the main cause of distracted driving is phones. My solution to this is more of an idea for future cars. Most vehicle developers already have some features that try to prevent distracted driving such as a bluetooth function so that you can call and text using your car. My idea is something like this. My idea is a built in start up function for all future cars. A function where your car won’t start until your phone is in a compartment. You will be able to connect your phone to the car and be alerted of messages and calls via the car. You can still answer but your phone will remain put away. When you get out of the car then you would get your phone back, but overall your car will not start without your phone being put into the compartment. We have been able to make all these advancements to vehicles to make them more fun to ride in now i think its time to focus on safety over pleasure.