The Road Matters

Alexandria B

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Every year, many of teens and adults make the mistake of picking up their phone while driving. This itself is very dangerous and has been increasing over the years. Teens and young adults should not be on their phones while driving considering it creates a great deal of harm for both them and other drivers around them. If anything texting or calling while driving should be avoided at all calls. A text, phone call, or a response can wait but someone else’s life or even your own life can’t. In a car accident or car crash your phone survives not you or the other person that gets hit, injured, or killed. With this being said, while driving a cell phone should be left in a bag or backpack somewhere where it can not be reached. Another solution to reduce the risk of cell phone usage while driving would be to get bluetooth or a headset that would allow a driver to talk on the phone without having to use their hands to use their phone. Even though they would still be somewhat distracted at least their eyes would still be on the road. The use of bluetooth or a headset though should always be a last resort if it is truly needed. Otherwise, drivers should just leave their phones in a place in their car when they do not have access to it. It is better to be safe than sorry and it is better for everyone to be alive and well rather than injured or dead.