Problems that hurt people the most

Kamryn W


Their are so many problems that happen in the world that we live in today. Everyday there is always something that can happen to anyone but most people think that nothing bad can ever occur to them. That’s one of the reasons why most people get hurt because they don’t think about all of the things that can happen to them. Sadly most people think that about them driving and the greatest amount of accidents happen that way from being on the phone.Even thought people talk so much about the safety of not being on your phone and keeping your eyes on the road its not enough. To me no matter how much you warn people they’re going to do what they want but it doesn’t hurt to keep trying. Some ways they can fix this problem is just to talk about it more when they go to take driving lessons and classes and the students should have more time to actually being in a car and be tested on that. I also think just to help other younger kids that they should have a small class for high school students at their school and maybe if they hear constantly of how important it is to have their eyes on the road that they will not do it and take it more seriously.


I don’t really know what is suppose to go in the description box put I’m guessing about my piece of writing and I decided to choose those situations to help fix the reckless driving because the school I go to doesn’t really talk about real world issues and some other school are like that to and I really think that should be fixed because most kids think they need to be prepared for the world as they become adults and they might not have the parents to teach them those things.