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The step-mother hangs up. Lights dim Till the light spot is now on the other side of the stage, illuminating Sophia sitting on a chair (driving). She sobs while she drives, turning the wheel. She wipes her eyes with one hand, then returns it back to the wheel. She takes the paper (invitation) and crumples it. SOPHIA “Why is it that all of my dreams crash and burn?” (Sophia isn’t a good driver).Suddenly, both sides of the stage Illuminate from two spot lights, the Step-mother and Sophia are now visible To the audience. The stepmother dial Her phone to call Sophia, then puts her Phone to her ear. Meanwhile, Sophia Glances down at her phone. Her phone is ringing. She glances away from the road to pick up her ringing phone from the Car seat next to her, before she picks It up, there is a Loud honking, looks up, then CRASH!! Light dims, except for on the stepmother, who still has her phone to her ear, ringing. Then it goes to voicemail. STEP-MOTHER “Sophia, you’re probably not in the mood to talk right now after what happened. I called up your mother, and looked up your birth records. Turns out you’re not related to August after all. You two can still get married-I know things have been hard on you, and I don’t want you to feel pressured into anything. Do what you feel is right. Please come home soon.” STEP-MOTHER The stepmother hangs up. About to cry. She leaves the Room, then the phone rings. She rushes to the phone, and picks it up without checking first who it is from. While she Talks on the phone her facial expression changes. “Soph-wait. Who is this? An accident? Who-Is Sophia okay? What happened? – I’ll be right there. At which hospital?” NURSE-I’m sorry, but she won’t wake anytime soon. She got hurt pretty badly.” STEP-MOTHER “How long?” NURSE-I don’t know. Coma’s can last for a long time.” Time skip Light focuses on Sophia. She sits up, she looks Confused. Eyes wandering the room. SOPHIA-Where am I?” A nurse opens the door, then when seeing Sophia awake, she drops her tray, startled. The nurses hands fly to her mouth in surprise. NURSE-Oh my goodness! You’re awake!” SOPHIA-Where am I? What’s going on? I-I don’t remember… My head hurts.” The nurse rushes to her bed, then askes. NURSE-Do you remember your name? Age? What is the last thing you remember?” Sophia thinks, still confused. “I don’t know… I was holding a piece of paper, but the memory is all fuzzy.” NURSE “You mean this paper?” SOPHIA “Yes.” NURSE “Do you remember when you received it?” SOPHIA “No, the last thing I remember clearly is when I was in seventh grade when I was on stage. I just had finished acting in a movie as the role ‘Little Miss,’ when my father told me that we were going to stay with some friends over the holiday.” SOPHIA Slowly remembers some of her past, she grabs the paper from the nurse’s Hand, reading it. “Yes, you see, I was invited to try out for ‘Little Miss’ for the second movie, they wanted me to come since I was in it.” SOPHIA Realization dawns on her face. As She tries to get up, and leave. “I’ve got to go, the audition is in two weeks!” SOPHIA The nurse tries to stop her from Leaving, but Sophia leaves. The Nurse calls Sophia’s mother. The Upstage center lights up, revealing Sophia’s stepmother packing some Boxes. Her phone rings, she answers it. STEP-MOTHER “Hello?” NURSE “Sophia’s awake.”