Imagine the World

Rebekah M

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You’re behind the wheel of your car, staring out at the open intersection. The light is red but there are no cars in sight. You think to yourself that no one will notice if you just slip by this light, after all, there’s no one in sight. You ease off the break and start your way into the intersection when a car out of nowhere slams into your side. Glass shatters, airbags go off, everything is moving at a snail’s pace. You think about your family, of everyone you love and how this is the last few moments you have in this world. No more late nights with friends. No more last minute kisses from a lover. No more movies you’re dying to see. Only this accident and an obituary in the paper. Red lights are not a suggestion. They keep you and everyone in the car safe from the possibility of an accident just like the one I described. In times like the one above, where you think it’s okay to run a red light since no one is around, think again. For all you know, someone is blasting around the corner and could be the last thing you see. Stay safe and follow the road rules.