A Solution to Distractions on the Road

Isbak G

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Over the years, there has been an increase of teens in accidents due to the distraction phones bring. It is estimated that eleven teens pass away per day due to texting and driving. In the US alone, 2.35 million people are injured in car crashes per year due to the distraction that is cell phones. Companies like Samsung are aware of this and have come up with solutions to try and reduce these statistics. Samsung has come up with a driving mode so the driver does not get distracted by people contacting them and Spotify has made it easier to connect ones phone to their car via bluetooth so drivers focus less on their screens. In some states it is illegal to use a cellphone at all while driving, while in some it is not. An idea I have come up with is not necessarily directed at the phone such as the companies previously mentioned had tried. Rather, it involves the car itself. The design of the car wouldn’t change, there would be a device which switches ones phone to a “driver view”. Theoretically, this would allow the driver to receive phone calls and answer them if the cell phone is paired with the car. This would leave less distractions from the driver, while still being able to get calls in case it is urgent. The device will detect when the phone is inside the car and if the vehicle is moving constantly. To avoid passengers from having this mode activated from their phones, a special pairing of the device will happen as soon as it is implanted, making that device unique to the typical driver. The device will make it harder for drivers to be distracted, therefore having more drivers becoming aware of their surroundings. There are many ideas that can help reduce teen deaths due to texting and driving. None is perfect, but if it reduces the total death rate, it is clearly beneficial to our society as a whole and especially teens who are beginning to drive.