Camilla B

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Reckless Bursting past branches until one penetrates the windshield, I think about what my life meant to those around me. What did I accomplish? What am I leaving behind? Will anyone remember me? I see her head hit the window but I’m holding on to my seat so tight I can feel my muscles straining, I don’t have a free hand to help. I’m not even supposed to be out. When will my parents figure out I’m gone and start looking? Is Rain alive? These are the thoughts that rushed through my mind as Rain and I flew off the side of a cliff after taking the corner too hard. My whole body shifts forward and slams back upon final impact. A tree branch misses my head by ¾ of an inch. I should be dead. I just left for a night drive. Rain’s life wasn’t going too well. Sometimes I wonder if she wanted to crash. She said she just wanted to go for a drive and talk. We snuck out often and drove under the stars. Eating icecream and talking about boys. Not old enough to drive but her mom was too drunk to care after 9 just as long as we filled it up with gas. What I didn’t know about Rain was that her dad had continued to rape her since elementary school. It was their special secret activity and she didn’t realise it was wrong until 7nth grade. He seemed normal, I had spent nights at her house, I spent hours at family dinners talking to him. Out of both of her parents I thought he was the sane one and her mom was a dunk. She broke out in tears quietly at first as I sat quietly unable to think of a response. She focused on the yellow lines and I focused on the trees we were passing by. I couldn’t stop my tears as I finally spoke up and said, “Are you okay?” She wasn’t okay, she was the farthest thing from okay. I knew that. She started whispering until her whispers grew to screams. Screaming and hitting the accelerator and rushing around the corners in the clear night sky. She screamed that she hated her father and she hated her life. She screamed that she wanted to hurt him. She screamed about needing to feel love and needing to be loved. She screamed at the cruel world on that cold night. I screamed at her to slow down and that I loved her, but she held firm to the wheel. I yanked her hand off the wheel and she turned to me and looked me in the eyes for only a second. Only a second. That’s all it took to throw our car off the side of the cliff. She was 15. I look up after the car settles. I try to see through the blood surrounding my eyes from the gash on my forehead. I push through my pain to check on Rain. Rain who is halfway through the windshield and abdomen stuck on glass. Rain who is not buckled in because we are reckless fifteen year olds who can’t even drive. Rain who was reckless driving because of her emotions. Rain whos body was growing colder by the second because I couldn’t find a phone to save her with the little time she had left. It only takes a second with your eyes off the road to end a life. We chose wrong. Will you?