The Unreliable and Unforgivable Nature of Human Attention

Ethan K

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Reckless and distracted driving pegs many peoples lives and leaves scars on their hearts. It effects families and friends alike. The unfortunate truth is that distracted driving is our own fault. Distracted driving is only caused by human error. We are curious beings and there is no way to change that without there being a chance that a distraction will occur. We are our own enemies in this situation. Distractions such as cell phones and other electronic devices are too tempting for the human brain. This is why I believe that self-driving cars are the solution to reckless and distracted driving. There are too many distractions for people to handle, so self-driving cars will nullify the distraction. It can not be a distraction if it isn’t distracting from anything at all. Self-driving cars will take away the need for human attention on the road, taking away the distraction factor. They are already on the road right now. These cars can and will make the road safer and protect us from ourselves.