Don’t Be Careless

Devani B

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Driving is something almost every American does on a daily basis. The soothing feeling of the engine underneath, the warm air flowing through the vents, the sound of people laughing together, all of it is real. But so is crashing. So is being permanently injured. So is dying. When I tell my brother about driving, I warn him of all the dangers of doing so. I tell him what to look out for on the roads (when he starts driving; he’s 13), I caution him against the dangerous drivers, because there is a thing called “Road Rage”, and it can cause people to do very stupid things. I tell him about drunk driving and how easily it can end people’s lives. I tell him about speeding and how one can lose control of the car. I tell him about texting on his phone. Now I am particularly picky about the texting because my mom does it sometimes and I almost always ask her to stop. I’m just worried about my brother thinking it’s okay because my mom does it. Sometimes my brother doesn’t take what I say seriously. But more often than not, my brother considers what I tell him and it’s at those moments that I feel confident that what I taught and continue to teach him will help him to be safe while on the road in the future.