Accidentally on Purpose

Sarah M

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We live in a world of violence, drugs, and crimes. Many law abiding citizens would never dream of committing a crime. But do they realize the crime they could be committing everyday? Using your cell phone while operating a vehicle is considered a crime, and police officers will pull over any offenders. Many people do not realize how quickly this simple task can escalate. If you pick up your phone while driving down the street near a school or populated area, a child could run out in the street chasing a ball. Most people would not be able to carry around the weight of taking someones life, even on accident. However, if you knowingly pick up your phone, is anything that really happens an accident? Or is it on purpose? There is currently no possible way to get every driver to never touch their phone while driving, Perhaps with the growing popularity of this project, and stricter driving laws, this will change in the future.