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Lets talk facts, most kids when they turn 16 expect their licenses to be handed to them, like its a given right. Most parents let them take the necessary steps to get licenses, and it can be an amazing but devastating thing. yes having your kid get their licences is amazing but you have to look at the safety of your kid as well as the other drivers. About 4,000 teens lose their lives in car related incidents a year, its all associated with a phone usage rather than drugs and alcohol. Most teenagers take it upon themselves to do whatever they want while driving, like speeding and using their phones, not following the rules. Parents are the number one influence in a teenagers driving behavior. I believe that Teenagers should turn their phones off while driving. Honestly I don’t think that people writing about teens, their phones, and the hazards of using them while driving will ever make a difference or change them to get off, teenagers do whatever they want whenever they want. Its scary knowing that most kids are willing to look at their phone while driving, taking that risk of wrecking and cause harm to not only themselves but to the passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. I’m a teenager and I don’t have my licenses and I see all my friends who have their licenses get in serious wrecks, all related to texting while driving.I don’t see the point to focus on your phone while driving, I have told them all that its not safe and they should stop but none of them have listened so I hope one day my generation and the future generation look at the facts, the reality of driving rather than trying to impress your friends or text your girlfriend while driving, it’s pointless your more important than an object that ui can replace. You can get a new one, your phone should wait!!!