Gracie’s Goodbye

Emma H

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Arnold is walking up and down the floral isle of Food Inc. trying to find the perfect bouquet for his girlfriend Gracie. He and Gracie have been dating for three years now, and he is making dinner for their anniversary. He wants everything to be perfect, because they have been arguing lately. He finds the perfect bouquet of wildflowers, and makes his way to checkout. He walks out of the store, and packs everything into his Mitsubishi. He’s driving through the city, when … *DING* Arnold looks down at his phone in the cup holder, and smiles when he sees a text from Gracie. He picks up the phone and holds it on the steering wheel. Gracie: Can’t wait for dinner tonight! 🙂 I’m out, anything you need me to pick up? Arnold smiles, and texts back: No baby, everything is ready for tonight. Just need your beautiful self. Gracie has just left the diner, where she was having lunch with her friends. She texts Arnold: Gracie: Okay love, just let me know. I love you A. She pulls out of the diner, and drives down the road. Arnold is at a stop light when he receives the text. The light turns green, Arnold starts to move forward, replying to Gracie. Arnold: Til tonight Grace. I lo….. That’s when Arnold feels the impact, his car has collided with another, and they’re both rolling. Arnold’s world goes dark. Gracie opens her eyes, and feels the ache in her neck. It’s then that she remembers the crash, she turns her attention to the other car, flipped on its side, it’s a blue Mitsubishi. Her eyes widen, as she crawls out of her car towards the Mitsubishi. She reaches the car and bends down to peer through the driver window. She screams when she sees, it is her Arnold. “Help, please somebody help him,” she’s yelling frantically at anyone who listens. The ambulance is there after what seems like forever. Gracie can’t control her breathing as they pull Arnold out of the car. Almost immediately they determine he is gone. Gracie goes up to the medical team, and explains that she is his girlfriend. Their faces drain as they pull a small box out of their pocket. Gracie opens the box and reveals the diamond ring and a note. “ To my dearest Gracie, We’ve had our ups and downs, but there has never been a moment when I haven’t been certain that you’re the one for me. You are my sunshine on the darkest day, the warm hug that I need after a long day at work, you are truly my EVERYTHING Grace. I ask you to be my forever, my always, and my wife. I love you Gracie. Love, Arnold “ Gracie crumbles to the ground in tears, she tries to scream, but silence was all that could be heard. The silence of a broken heart, the silence of a lost relationship, the silence of a killed soul. It was Gracie’s text that killed Arnold, but it was also Arnold responding to the text that ended his life. If they both would’ve ignored their phones while driving, they might be together right now, they might’ve been engaged, and Arnold would be alive.