The Threat

Olivia L

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Today we face a threat Not a someone but A something Something that will steal our breath It will steal our happiness Our friends and family It will steal innocent children It will steal us This threat should be stopped But many do not see its theft They think it is worth it To click yes, swipe left The more we ignore The more it will score Taking the innocent And widening the death toll For, when we take our eyes From the road We are in a great demise As we swivel cold As we fall to the ground The screams in silence drowned Our hearts pound We can no longer hear the sound When the sirens blare It is far too late For we have a blank stare We are at deaths gate Texting while driving Is misguiding It is not hard to wait For the consequences are far too great All should heed the effects For this threat has an easy fix Just ignore the text There is no need to respond with clicks Keep eyes on the road ahead In that moment, Social media is dead The reality can’t be more blatant Nothing is worth a life It is a horrible thing To be buried 6 feet under A life lost young Now, all have now been warned, So do not take the bate For, if done, we will all say goodbye As you slowly die