Is It Worth It?

Fariha B

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You’re driving own the highway, after a long day of activities, ready to just be home already. *Bing* It’s a text. You wonder who it’s from. Maybe it’s your crush, urgently confessing that they want to reciprocate your feelings. Maybe it’s your friend, urgently trying to tell you that your crush is trying to confess their feelings. Or maybe it’s your mom, and she wants you to hurry home because she just got a box of tacos from Del Taco, filled with your favorite, yup, tacos. But maybe it’s a text with a more grueling message. Maybe it’s a text that illustrates a funeral. Maybe yours. Maybe the driver in the car in front of you. Maybe it shows parents crying, huddled over a body that won’t console them. Maybe it’s the sight of siblings who will never joke around with a brother or sister again, a friend with no one to confide to or to comfort. Maybe it’s a temptation, and not really worth it. Your life is not a maybe. No one’s life is a maybe. So resist that temptation to pick up your phone after that bing. Because, maybe, you might ruin lives. An awfully big maybe to risk.