Small changes that make a big Impact

Nicholas P

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Every year in North America and around the world distracted driving causes thousands of deaths and injuries. The victims and their families are affected for the rest of their lives. My name is Nick. I am 18 years old and I live in Mesa Arizona. I recently got my driver’s licence and my parents bought me my first car. So excited! They taught me to always put my cell phone away when driving as it is so important to remain focused and keep your eyes on the road. I drive around Mesa a lot and unfortunately I see many distracted drivers who are either talking on their phone or texting while driving. So dangerous! I decided to come up with some small changes while driving that could have a very big impact on road safety and I would like to share them with you so here it goes! 1- raise the legal age to drive from 16 to 18. I feel that when you are 16 you are not quite mature enough to take on the responsibility of driving. A few extra years will help with that. 2. Put your cell phone away when driving!!!!!! You don’t need it. And if you absolutely have to send someone that funny joke then pull over safely first. 3. All new vehicles should be equipped with cell phone mounts and Bluetooth. That way you can secure your phone and talk to friends or loved ones while driving and still remain focused on what you are doing. 4. No eating or drinking while driving. Pretty self explanatory. I have seen motorists try to prepare a four course meal while driving. Kind of messy! 5. No applying make up while driving. Try to wake up a little earlier to get ready for work or that big job interview. 6. Last but not least. Be rested and alert. If you are tired and sleepy then you are distracted so get some rest and have a big cup of coffee(before you leave) and you will get to your destination safely. I have implemented these small changes when driving and so far so good. Please give them a try. Your loved ones will thank you for it. Good luck and safe driving!