Stop Accidents Today

Charlotte K

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There are millions of car crashes per year being recorded because of drivers drinking, being on there phones, or merely being distracted because of another outside cause. in the United States, these crashes kill approximately 2000 children under the age of 16 every year. These are children who didn’t get to live and get the chance to fulfill their dreams. These children could’ve been the people who solve the world’s biggest crisis, however were killed in a unnecessary car accident that could’ve been avoided. Drivers easily get distracted by their phones, thinking that one text will not hurt anyone, not knowing that they are putting everyone in their car, as well as outside citizens, in danger. This is an ongoing problem not just in adults, but also in teenagers. Teenagers are attached to their cellphones and even while driving, feel the need to be on it at times. However if you are a driver, think about this before you climb on your phone while driving a moving vehicle- are you okay that you will take away your loved ones life? That you will take away their future? That you will take away an innocent child’s life just because you felt the need to check an unimportant message? And if the answer is no to any of these questions, there is no question that you shouldn’t be on your phone. Think before you check.