How NOT to Die

Jonah Q

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4000 American teenagers die in car collisions every year, and all of these collisions could be easily avoided. When you get down to the statistics, you find that only 25% of these collisions are caused by cell phone use. this is lower than the population believes, but this number is still 100% higher than it should be. The technology exists to keep cell phones from functioning while they are in a car, but it has not been used effectively. The big phone companies, like Apple, Google, Samsung, Lenovo, and Huawei should use the available technology to lock their phones when the car in which they reside is traveling above 15 miles per hour. Another interesting fact regarding teenage car collisions is that there is a very high chance of crashing when there are 1+ passengers in the car. The best way to fix this problem would be to require teenage drivers to wear earplugs when there are passengers in the car, and when the car is traveling above 30 mph. And yet, the biggest cause of teen behavior when driving is not cell phone use, it is not alcohol, it is not drugs, but it is the parents of the teenage driver. So often, teens will leave the house angry at their parents, hop in their car, and drive without paying attention to their surroundings, simply because of their anger. The best way to solve this would be to have a pulse monitor in the car, and when the driver got in, if their pulse was above 130, the car would not start. This will solve the problem of angry driving, while also giving a period of time for the driver to calm down if they were angry.