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Samuel D

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The problem of distracted driving is becoming more and more prevalent due to a longing need to be doing something that soothes are restlessness. This writing will offer a few fair ideas for some solutions to resolve or at least slow down the distracted driving crisis. Firstly, app creators can create an app for all drivers that senses when they are using their phone. This could be done using sensors and the camera to verify that the driver is using the phone. Then the app can lock users out of their phone for 10 minutes. This way people will not be able to use their phone, but can still have access to the emergency call function and receive calls. Another solution to distracted driving could be extra long straws. Some people really have to have their drinks while driving, and they sacrifice one hand off the wheel. When someone uses an extra long straw, they can still have both hands on the wheel and are not burdened from fiddling with the drink. Something that helps people practice safe driving is to realize how much of a privilege driving is. Parents often use time out as a method of punishment, because the technique instills learned behaviors. Police officers can develop simple punishments like confiscating a teenagers ability to drive and their vehicle for a week, while in return making them use a bicycle for transportation. This time out tactic could help teenagers realize that they need to follow the rules and not take driving for granted. One of the easiest ways to reduce distractions is to limit the amount of time a driver is on the road. Traffic issues have always existed and they are only getting worse. By implementing a distributed time schedule for drivers on work days, time can be saved immensely on commutes to and from jobs. When drivers spend more time on the road, they are more likely to become bored and to feel a need to ease their unrest, thus distractions occur. Another resolve to traffic issues would be to implement more tunnels and lanes to roads that are overpopulated by cars. Lastly, a technology could be developed to identify strange sporadic movements in the vehicles motion. Normally people who drive are distracted for only a moment, however the speed of a car is so fast that things can happen in almost an instant. This would be a technology that involves programmable learning. The intelligence would be daunting, but think about the wrecks that would be avoided if some robot could correct for a drivers distracted mistakes.