Don’t Let Go

Jennifer C


About 4000 teens lose their lives due to collisions Yet nobody continues to follow the previsions? Teens are constantly dying But nobody is trying. We will hop into cars, Without revising the laws. Shouldn’t we take a look before getting behind the wheel? Is risking our lives a really good deal? Put down the phone, And make it safe home. Keep your eyes on the road, And avoid that overload. Make it home with care, So that you don’t end up in a wheelchair. Don’t cause your parents pain, As they watch you drain- But rather have them in tears of joy, Instead of you destroyed. Keep your eyes on the road, And don’t let go.


It is a free verse poem about keeping your eyes on the road – that we may keep our eyes on the road so that we may fulfill a long lasting, good life, so that our parents don’t have to mourn their children, so that we may create a safe space on the roads not only for us, but for the rest of the community.