Your Road Your Choice

Rachel R



This poster speaks a significant message of importance. It speaks the message of a choice to choose life over simple pleasures. These “simple” pleasures may seem like no big deal in the moment. However, in reality, they may be the cause of someone’s injury or death. When it comes to driving, these pleasures turn into distractions. It is important to understand that sending even a short text message to a friend or looking down to grab that delicious drink in the cup holder can cause one much more than could ever be imagined. Choosing to engage in these distractions while driving, is making a choice to put what really matters on the line. Is family, health, and a future something that is worth sacrificing? This poster communicates this message. It boldly makes a statement to stop distractions while driving, picturing a two sided road. This road represents the two choices you have the freedom to make while driving. If the choice is to engage in simple pleasures while driving, well… it may be a bumpy road ahead. If the choice is to stay away from distractions, it will likely be a smooth road ahead.