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Robert S

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In today’s society, technology has taken over the world from cell phones to self-automated cars. Technology has majorly effected cars today by the car telling up where to go to even the car driving itself. With these advancements come some disadvantages such as reckless driving, car accidents and even deaths. This is towards people from the ages of 14-22. Especially teenagers are so addicted to social media and texting that they text while drive on the roads and not paying attention to where they are driving to. A solution has been partially done with the phone company AT&T; with anyone subscribed to their phone line and drive, they cannot use their phones because in the cars, there’s a built-in device that blocks out the signal and can’t use the phone while the car is in drive. This solution is far from being solved. Some strategies that can be put into play are, having all cars have a device built-in so when you have your phone on you while driving you can only call 911 and that’s it because if not it will be too much of a distraction if there were other things like social media allowed. Another strategy would be to enforce more of our police department’s and government officials if available to pay more close attentions on the roads and highways if any distracted driving is happening and penalize them and enforce safety driving. The last strategy would be enforcing school programs about safety driving and solutions to avoid using your phone at all times while driving. This would be one of the most important one because more and more kids these days are driving and are tolerant and think they can multi-task driving and being on the phone at one and that’s not the case at all. Teenagers get into 4 times as more accidents as an adult driver because they are either texting while driving or distracted by friends in the car with them also. In conclusion safety drving needs to be enforced all around the world to young teens between the ages of 14-22 because they are more likely to get into car accidents. School programs should be enforced about safety driving and how to be on the roads because most teenagers don’t know how dangerous distracted drivers can be on the highways that you can or start an accident.