They Need us More

Elizabeth A

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Looking the mirror one last time, I check to make sure my hair is in place and no mascara is on the lids of my eyes. Okay, I’m good. Running down the stairs I rush to grab my phone off the charger and wallet from the counter. Forgetting to say I love you to my mom and dad, and peace out dude to my younger brother. I will see them tomorrow. Taking a seat in my car, I connect my phone to the AUX and Snapchat that boy, you know THAT boy. Alright, reverse. Turning onto the main road a song I hate begins to blast. Honestly, who on earth would put this on the radio? Reaching for my phone, I search for a new song while coming up to a red light. I’m AMAZING at multi-tasking! Texting and driving is no big deal for someone like me. As I ease on the gas to pass through the intersection my phone buzzes with a Snap from THAT boy. I can’t wait too long…what if he gets off his phone? Okay, I better answer! Eww, that’s not a good picture. X’ing out of that catastrophe, I make my second attempt. Wait, is this light red? Bahhh it is! Oh no, the boy is looking down at his phone, he doesn’t see me! I can’t get out of here fast enough. God, he doesn’t see me! The blare of his car into mine shocks me. This isn’t happening. Oh okay, this is actually happening. I’m okay, thankfully. But is he? Is this my fault? My mom is gonna freak! Creaking my door open I step out on the street walking over to the boy’s car. He is leaning forward on his steering wheel, I shout towards him, “Hey! Are you okay?” Nothing. Oh my God, this could have all been avoided if I’d set my phone down. I didn’t need to answer THAT boy. He’s not important. What if this kid isn’t okay because of MY stupidity. I shouldn’t be so vain. I shouldn’t treat driving as if it isn’t dangerous. I move closer, seeing the rise and fall of his chest. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Dialing 911 I give them my location and then phone my mom. My mother, father, and little brother drive down to the intersection. “What the heck, you didn’t say peace out dude! And this happens!” Cries my brother. My mom comes over and tells me from now on my phone is to be turned off whilst I drive and if it isn’t it will be taken. The boy walks over to me, asking how I am. I answer and ask him the same. He replies and apologizes for his stupidity, as do I. As he turns to leave he says, “Ahh… whatever we were doing could have waited, they need us more.” Right as he says this two little girls, with dark brown hair and green eyes, run up to him. Walking over to my brother I tell him not to worry, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon especially since I’ve learned I’m terrible at multi-tasking.