Distracted Driving: The Hard Truths

Will B

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Unfortunately, distracted driving is becoming more and more common among drivers, whether it be from the influx of technologies appearing, taking young men and women’s minds away from the road, or it be friends messing around in the back seat of the car. Distractions while driving are unavoidable unfortunately, as they are constantly happening, both inside and outside the car. The mindset of invincibility does attribute to less distracted driving either, as one might feel inclined to test the limits of their car, thoroughly focused on the speedometer. This is a complicated problem to fix, and unfortunately might take generations to both fully raise awareness on the road and discipline while driving. As there are so many distractions while driving, if it be a slight bit of road-rage at a reckless driver, or just failing to see the car behind them, focusing on all of them is difficult, but it just starts with a bit of discipline. Driving shouldn’t to just be getting where you need to go; this causes a feeling of needing to rush, which leads to accidents from aggressive lane changes, not being able to stop before hitting the car in front, or running red lights. Driving should be an experience, one should constantly be on the lookout for interesting things on the road, such as the odd color of the car up ahead, or the man in the lane adjacent, who seems to be intoxicated. This shifts the focus from a feeling of constantly being late, to a more observant, laid back feel, allowing for better critical thinking. As drivers, we young people need to shift our focus away from the pressing matters of time, as sometimes we might not even be close to late, and to enjoy driving, instead of stressing out about it. This isn’t a change which can happen overnight, and it might even take decades to actuate, but every bit of effort put towards this will not only create a new wave of better drivers, but also a new wave of better people: people that look out for one another, people that notice each other, and people who hold others to a higher level of respect. All this, however must start from teachers and parents. Parents must not show impatience on the road, teachers should teach students how to be observant and patient, both of these unfortunately are very undervalued in our society. However, I think a complete upheaval of society is exactly what we need to mitigate casualties from reckless and distracted driving from young people.